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I’ve been taking the bus to work for 2 years now, and I’ve been late once. It’s not dangerous, it’s not particularly hard for me, and it’s not unreliable. Part of this is, I’m sure, that everyone who lives in this area and takes the bus is a minority.However, they seem to be obsessed with telling me how dangerous or unreliable or inconvenient it is. Without fail, all of the staff who obsess about me taking the bus are white.

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My boss constantly worries about whether or not x or y start times or commutes will be “too long” or “too early” because I take the bus.

She tries to reschedule things, even when I tell her it won’t be a problem and not to worry about it.

When a coworker overheard me refusing a ride by telling them that the bus was perfectly safe and I had had no problems, she interjected and asked if I had had much experience with the bus in a disbelieving tone. It keeps getting brought up, and people keep making it an issue when it isn’t.

I would really appreciate if it we could stop discussing it”).

At that point, you’ll have done everything you reasonably can.

” I’m betting you’re going to get a lot fewer comments after that.) One exception to this: You shouldn’t lecture people when they’re offering rides.

They’re offering you a favor, and you should answer that with a simple “no, thank you.” If they continue to persist, you can say it more forcefully.

During the interview, they asked about driving for an optional part of the job, and I was forced to mention I didn’t have a license.

Ultimately, it didn’t turn out to be a problem, but it alerted them to the fact that I don’t drive.

But I wouldn’t lump the ride offers in with all the above (even if it has the same motivation), because you’ll look unfriendly and ungracious to people who genuinely may be just trying to save you from some inconvenience.

You can, however, smile and say nicely, “I’m really fine. have a separate conversation with your boss, since she’s fretting about various start times and rescheduling things for you.

She’s tried to come up with ways I can “make people not sit with me” on the bus. It would be one thing if riding the bus had ever interfered in my work in any way, but it hasn’t.

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