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Smarties Eggheads (pictured left) and Rowntree's Minty Eggs (pictured right) in 1991 show very different flavours to what is widely-known now.When I saw him across a crowded room, I was transfixed. On meeting any new man, my critical faculties were once more impaired, not by alcohol, but by the ticking of my biological clock, so that every guy I came across began to look like a potential husband and father.

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So taking off our baby goggles could prove to be our saving grace. I realised that dating to the diktats of my biological clock wasn’t much fun — for the men I met or for me — so I called off the search for a partner and set about gaining some perspective.Alan Lowne, 38, a health and fitness expert from North-West London, is one such man.‘I do feel I’m running out of time in a way; I don’t want to be an old dad,’ he confides.So how should we would-be mothers handle our baby angst?If we really want a family, of course, we need to be out there meeting people.Who knows, I might just find what I’m looking for then — not an ‘instant infant’, but partnership, adventure and love.

I’d be delighted if children come along: if they don’t, there will be sadness and grief but I’ll also learn to accept that what will be, will be.So men of our own age group are clearly looking to our younger, more fertile sisters to build a future with.Just like men our age, we forty-somethings would prefer to have time on our side.Women in England and Wales are having their first child on average at 28 — four years later than in 1970.There has been a corresponding surge in 40-plus mothers.But fertility wanes after the age of 35, and a study earlier this year by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development revealed that nearly a fifth of British women are childless at the menopause.

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    If you want to date married, at least be honest with yourself and those you’re dating.

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    Shortly after their divorce, Mr Sheppard met third wife Lesley and in 1976 they tied the knot.