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This page comprises news items about the LPO and bird conservation in France, compiled by Ken Hall.

Funds from the first holiday will support the 'Refuges LPO' network of over 17,000 protected sites across France, many of them private gardens and public parks, while those from the second will go towards enhancing the breeding sites of Lesser Kestrels on La Crau, one of the places participants will be visiting.Over 2000 were seen on 24th August, with over 1000 on several other dates.Over 37,000 Black Kites were recorded this year, nearly 14,000 of them on just one day, the 7th August, after a few days of bad weather during which birds just had to sit and wait in the foothills to the north.Another encouraging sign of the times is that Nicolas Hulot, the ecology minister, sent a message in August to the Préfet des Landes, the official tasked with the application of the law in that part of France, instructing him to reinforce the fight against the illegal killing of birds, with a view to eliminating the practice altogether.12 September 2017 Each year I receive a brochure from Honeyguide Wildlife Holidays, as not only do their trips include visits to France, they also make a donation to the LPO from part of the cost of each holiday, the donations being made via the Honeyguide Wildlife Charitable Trust.Among the more notable changes are those concerning the herons and their allies where, in many cases, as in the UK, there have been some significant increases.

For instance, in the Camargue the numbers of Night Herons reached a new peak in 2015, with 1120 pairs, while the population at the Lac de Grand-Lieu (Loire-Atlantique) has varied between 220 and 240 pairs since 2008.In Number 24-2, the main item is the third update to the 'Nouvel inventaire des oiseaux de France' (NIOF, published in 2008), adding new information about a large range of species, with references to sources given for those who wish to enquire further.A summary of the previous update can be found here.October is the peak time for Red Kites, with 1940 counted on 7th, the highest daily total since records started.In some years at the start of the new millennium even the annual total never got as high as that, as the graph below shows.26 October 2017 As a follow-up to the on-going saga of the illegal trapping of Ortolans and other small birds (see here), the result of one case against eleven people found guilty of breaking law has recently been confirmed after they appealed against the result and the fines increased slightly.

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