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Jonathan Talbain was an orphan living peacefully in England until the night of the full moon, when he experienced his first transformation. Thinking that in order to control his inner beast he must control his body, he subjected himself to intense Training from Hell.In time, he succeeded, and while the adults didn't accept him back, the children did.

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The end result: he was defeated so badly that both he and his castle Zeltzereich were ripped through reality into the human world.After Rose passed away, Felicia decided to make a name for herself and left town.Meeting other cat-women along the way, they started a musical group which was a smash hit.But since the two halves of her soul were trying to return to each other, Belial further split one half of her soul into two in order to weaken the drawing effect.And so Morrigan's soul was split into three: half of the soul was in herself, another 1/4 was sealed in Belial's body and the last 1/4 was sealed in a separate dimension, and it eventually materialized as her "sister," Lilith.Thousands of years later, Pyron's visit awakens Anakaris from his long slumber. Deciding to check it out, he travels there and enters Jedah's Majigen, where he learns that the destruction of his empire is unavoidable.

He fights Pyron to restore his powers and using time-travel he goes back to his time, one year after his death, to resurrect himself and beat back the invaders. He travels back, and the empire is erased from history, when in reality Anakaris transfers his entire empire into another dimension located somewhere under the Earth, to avoid wars above ground.During his final live "Sacrifice" he took his own life and the lives of 100 fans.This caught Ozom's attention, who resurrected Raptor as his servant, but Raptor planned to overthrow Ozom when he got powerful enough.During the events of , Hannya and Kien were sucked into the Majigen, where the overflowing spirit energies allowed Hannya to manifest itself once again.It took the form of Bishamon, as the armor had become accustomed to that form, but before it could begin another massacre, the real Bishamon sealed it away.He has an alternate form in The former ruler of an Egyptian empire.

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