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Both men and women in college have a higher chance of being trafficked because they are away from home, and often are enticed by a chance to make money. In these settings, illegal activities like human trafficking are sometimes easier to keep hidden.The human trafficking industry in Wisconsin, the United States and around the world is the second-largest criminal activity, second only to the drug trade, raking in $32 billion annually.

Irizarry explains Wisconsin is ranked in the top five for several reasons.Irizarry said Wisconsin’s state laws against human trafficking are fairly strong.The Polaris Project determines the strength of state laws based on 10 criteria, including items such as having laws preventing both sex and labor trafficking, providing victims support groups and providing a way for victims to receive civil damages from their trafficker, among others.Many people believe human trafficking doesn’t happen in the United States and those involved are kidnapped.Statistics show that only 3 percent of human trafficking victims are kidnapped, around 30 percent are sold by family or friends, and around 60 percent are tricked. In 2014, 3,598 sex trafficking cases were registered in the United States, according to the Polaris Project, one of the biggest anti-human trafficking organizations.There are many theorists who would gladly place all of the blame on the law enforcement agency; specifically, on Officer Colburn and Lieutenant Lenk.

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8 received a “call to action pledge,” which calls members to report suspicion of human trafficking in the community as well as work to protect all human rights.“Our goal in the Fond du Lac area is to be able to say it’s not going to happen in our town,” Irizarry said.

Steven Avery's defense lawyers did not claim that the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department was behind the murder, only planting evidence to secure a conviction — however, the Internet disagrees.

Exemptions to the ordinance include if the offender already lives in the city, if the offender is a minor, or if the residence belongs to the offender's parents, grandparents, siblings, spouse or child, as long as the person "established the residence at least five years before the designated offender established residence at that location."Additional regulations contained in the ordinance include penalties for property owners knowingly renting to unauthorized offenders, and penalties for any offender caught loitering within 500 feet of schools, parks and other places kids congregate. An appeal process is included in the ordinance allowing offenders to make a case for special placement within the city.

Appeals must go before the city's Public Safety Committee, chief of police and City Council.

The need for the ordinance arose after convicted sex offender Mark R.