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Online dating in new delhi

The collection includes pottery, seals, tablets, weights and measures, jewellery, terracotta figurines, toys, etc.

This Gallery also has 1,025 excavated artifacts belonging to the Indian Harappan site of the Archaeological Survey of India collection.

A study of these currencies reveals how the Indian currency system developed from cowrie shells to credit card; These coins are a rich and authentic source of information on various aspects of Ancient, Medieval and Modern Indian history.

A record of political and economic changes, its narrative and aesthetic impact reflect the cultural effervescence in different epochs in various regions of the country. period when Christopher Columbus unknowingly reached this part of the world in search of the new sea route to India and South-East Asia.

Of special importance are the images of Kapardin Buddha from Ahichchhatra, Buddha - pada (footprints) from Nagarjunakonda, Distt.

Guntur in Andhra Pradesh and Buddha's life scenes from Sarnath in Uttar Pradesh as well as ritualistic objects from the trans-Himalayan reign.

This very pretty top and matching maxi skirt in silk organza are perfect for an evening in the Indian heat and we love the contrasting black embroidery and sparkling crystal embellishments. And the good news for fans of Kate's style is both the top and skirt are available to buy now.

Click (right) to take a closer look and to invest in a Duchess approved ensemble.

This gallery was jointly set up by the Archaeological Survey of India and the National Museum.

It has a rich collection of a large number of artifacts from the sites of Harappan Civilisation.

The collection of coins in the National Museum is remarkable for its variety, rarity and antiquity. D., is well represented here along with the dioramas depicting various techniques of coin production.

The entire history of Indian coinage, starting from about 6th century B. It has in it practically all Indian coins from the earliest bent bar, punch-marked coins to those of Indian States, British India and post-independence coins.

The gallery displays selected 352 exhibits for public view.

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