Updating kitchen cabinets without paint

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Updating kitchen cabinets without paint - who is ne yo currently dating

Men usually come around once they understand that it’s not about the wood, it’s about the fact that it’s dated.And to be clear, I don’t advocate painting ALL WOOD, just kitchens in this era.

This e Book also includes my Bonus book of Whites which will take the guesswork out of your decisions.

Please consider the era of your home when you are designing your kitchen!!

The most beautiful kitchen renovation in a 1905 home that I have ever seen was designed by Susan Dossetter and Andrew Skurman and featured in House Beautiful magazine.

When I am standing in a kitchen that looks very much like this one, and I recommend that this kitchen be painted white or cream–as soon as the words out of my mouth–the wife’s face lights up and the husband looks horrified at the prospect of painting THE WOOD!

I’m not sure why most men have this reaction (okay I’ve figured it out, and here’s the post–written after this one) but it’s pretty common.

The first project was to paint their kitchen cabinets white.

Here is what the kitchen looked like just a week ago… My sister in law, Ande, and I have similar decorating tastes.

I told you guys that my brother and his wife bought a new home.

They have hired Cy to do some updating and remodeling in their home.

If I walk into a kitchen that has dark brown cabinets, I know it was installed in the last 10 years.

If it’s an orangy, ginger coloured, shaker style cabinet, I know that it was installed in the late 90’s early 2000, if the cabinets are oak (keep reading), well you get the picture!

You’ll need them both if you have an entire house of whites and neutrals/colours to choose, get them here.

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