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Smattering of success stories aside, reality TV has not proved to be a reliable way to meet one's forever-mate.And that tends to be the case no matter what stage of life you're in, whether you're looking to fall in love for the first time or you're already a few marriages deep, whether you're on a show in the title at first sounded like the kind of show in which dating wouldn't take center stage, but oh, how immediately that assumption was blown out of the water.

Besides, she should feel safe in knowing that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Ramona, for instance, was only free to date D'Agostino before Luann did because her 22-year marriage to Mario Singer ended with her filing for divorce in 2015, the year after they separated when she caught him cheating red-handed at their home in Bridgehampton—and after she had tried to make it work and given him multiple chances to make amends. I'm in a good place." But it sucked all the same while it was happening, particularly due to the infidelity, which Singer wrote about in her memoir, ."This has been a very big surprise and I never would have expected that it would have gone one-tenth of how far it's gone—but I feel good about it and I feel strong," Frankel told E!News last year as the proceedings neared the finish line."But you reach a point where you realize the other person isn't putting in as much effort as you are," she told in April, "I never thought I'd ever be divorced. "Mario and I have been through so much together," she wrote."Over the course of two decades, we raised a child together, traveled the world, built two homes, and supported one another through all four of our parents' deaths.De Lesseps insisted to Page Six that she and Azoulay were "just friends.""God knows I've been going through enough recently, I don't understand why this false rumor is coming at me," she said.

You've still got to be hard-pressed not to want to root for Luann's happiness."Men come and go, and at the end the day, we have our girlfriends, don't we?I wanted it to work out, but I want her to know I'm here for her."Sources told E!So let's just forget the whole Wives part of the equation and focus on the relationships that have run their course while the cameras were rolling."I told Luann I'm there for her whether this worked out or not and here I am," Sonja Morgan, who along with Ramona Singer previously dated D'Agostino and didn't the match, told E!News after Luann confirmed Wednesday that the marriage was over."She's the most amazing human being and gift in the world, but this has been an almost four-year ordeal that I could've never imagined.

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