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Start browsing today Setup your website Just because a website uses HTTPS doesn't mean it's secure!Dot-Bit verifies that the websites you visit aren't being impersonated, even if an impostor has compromised the standard HTTPS infrastructure.

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This happens on a regular basis across the world, including in countries like China as well as in countries like the United States.

Dot-Bit-enabled websites are immune to these problems, because instead of the phone book being a corporation or government, the digital phonebook is on your own computer.

Dot-Bit's decentralized digital phonebook does the security job that a CA would normally do, without relying on a CA; this means that no one can easily hijack Dot-Bit-enabled websites for the same reason that no one can easily steal your bitcoins.

It also means that Dot-Bit-enabled HTTPS is free for website owners.due to moving datacenters), the phonebook doesn't notice for about 24 to 48 hours.This causes unnecessary downtime in many circumstances.It is our job to make everyday heroes out of everyday people.If you have found the perfect theme but wish it was just a little different, we can do that! Our Expert Experts are waiting – give us a call at 1.800.274.4282. Bitcoin technology ensures that every user in the world has the same phonebook data on their computer, without anyone being able to illegitimately change that phonebook data.